Excellence is Our Legacy

At Meritage Accounting Group, we believe our collective expertise supports your fund’s success at every stage. From inception to final distribution, your fund is in good hands.


Our Firm's History

We have rich and diverse skills in providing accounting, fund formation, fund administration, investor relations, and consulting services, having managed $1B+ of our own funds since 1985. With battle scars earned across the venture capital investing cycle, we know how to manage little pesky accounting complexities so our clients can focus on their big-picture portfolio strategies.

Our depth of experience lends itself to accelerating the learning curve for emerging managers, as well as enhancing the efficiency and growth of established funds. The more complex your funds become, the more we can leverage our collective knowledge base to help you navigate new and evolving issues.

Meritage = Merit + Heritage. From our inception, we have embraced merit as the primary driver of our decision making. We have relentlessly pursued the worthiest ideas by leveraging a deep and rich industry heritage, leaning on our diverse experiences and skills to strengthen our results. Today, we share this legacy and ethos with our clients as they work toward their own goals.

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What Our Clients Say

Meritage has been an essential element of our firm’s operation, and we could not have gotten our first two funds off the ground without their deep expertise, drive and commitment.

General Partner
San Francisco, CA

For us first-time fund managers, Meritage helped us quickly get on our feet and build confidence given their reliable services and amazing perspective across seemingly any topic.

General Partner
Minneapolis, MN

Our relationship with Meritage is irreplaceable. Our firm is built on trust, responsiveness, and knowledge of the evolving VC landscape – Meritage has mirrored these values at every step. We appreciate that they provide a high level of care to us and to all of our investors, allowing us to focus on the big picture.

General Partner
Chicago, IL

Our Core Values

Our five core values drive everything we do – from collaborative internal meetings, to polished external communications, each member of the Meritage team practices:

We know that teamwork is imperative, especially given the complex and ever-changing nature of the venture capital industry. Our staff is highly collaborative and communicative across all teams to ensure excellent client service. We maintain cross-client access and awareness so we can support each other.

We are also light-hearted in our approach to work. We respect enthusiasm, dedication, and personal best efforts, rather than demand perfection from each other. We are free to solicit help and we are encouraged to ask questions. We enjoy learning from each other when unique situations arise.

We have a people-first ethos. When you call or email Meritage, real people respond.

We are flexible problem solvers. We willingly and happily tailor our approach to your unique needs. The firm engages in the continual exploration of new technologies, contemporary methods, and thoughtful solutions to increase our efficiency and excellence.

We are innovative and love to try new ways to solve old problems. We leverage the expertise and advice of industry vendors – such as legal, tax, and audit firms – to support your fund’s success and to improve the overall client experience.

We share the entrepreneurial spirit of our venture capital clients. We think in “we” terms, not “you” terms. When you hire us, we become embedded in your team, regularly meeting with you to talk through issues and ideas. We are invested in your success because we know that success is at the cornerstone of our organic growth.

We are empowered to act as true owners of our work, thinking and behaving as though we are inside your organization. We behave proactively, using our past experience to guide your future decisions.

We try to see your work from your perspective, so we can provide the most empathetic and responsive service. We provide a dedicated team who is vested in your success.

We believe that managing a venture capital fund is as much an art as it is a science. Across all levels of our team, we strive to be masters of our craft, driven by curiosity and a desire to never stop learning.

With a hands-on “apprenticeship” approach to mastering our industry, we willingly commit company time, resources, and attention to sharing knowledge and to continuing education.

We remain mindful of the fiduciary responsibilities imposed on the venture capital industry.

We always do what is right, even when it’s hard. That means we don’t cut corners or deliver end results that we aren’t proud of.

We pursue consistency and accuracy, knowing that if our work shines, your work shines brighter.

We know that trust is at the foundation of every successful relationship, so we commit to operating and interacting with our team members, clients, investors, and third-party vendors with the highest ethical standards.


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